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White Water SUP

From Flat Water to Moving Water...

Scotland has endless opportunities in terms of water to paddle on and enjoy; from tranquil river stretches to fast flowing white water.  It is important to be aware of the dangers of paddling on rivers and therefore it is crucial to have knowledge on safety equipment, access & environment and potential hazards.

How to get started?


Paddling on White Water - you'll never get bored.  

It is a challenge, it provides a thrill, there is that adrenaline rush and there are

so many different features to play on. 

It is key to be comfortable on your paddleboard on flat water and have the

confidence and ability to self rescue yourself before giving white water sup

a try.  On a river, reactions are quicker, skills are needed to move the body

around quickly and adjust your body position & stance for you to be as

effective and efficient as possible.

Book onto a 1 day taster or a weekend to introduce a river environment into your


Adventure River Trips in Scotland
River Paddling

1Day Give it a Go

Want to give paddling on moving water a try? 

The 1-day session introduces you to moving water and covers basic skills & river safety.

River Spey; White Water Coaching Sessions

Intro Weekend

Building on your flat skills, the 2 day course develops river paddling skills and covers environment & river safety.

A river trip on day 2 to practice your skills!

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